Practicus Grade Cup

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The Cup is the vessel filled with the knowledge of the Magician, which is ever being filled and emptied. This may at first seem to be a contradiction. Why empty the understanding, only to refill the mind? The solution is evolution. Every consumption is a transformation, and this process continues until the perception of absolute truth is attained.

[For example: a boy is told, from a reliable source, that the world is really big. Looking in every direction, the reasoning becomes an understanding – the world is really big. The boy becomes a young man and is told the world has a circumference of 25,000 miles. Having walked a mile many times, the reasoning becomes an understanding that the world is not only really big, but also bigger than was first assumed. The young man ages and has the opportunity to travel around the world, making a few stops along the way. Visually experiencing the size of the world, the reasoning becomes an understanding that the size of the world was not previously in perspective.]

The order of elemental weaponry construction correlates with the evolution of the Student:

The Pantacle: The gathering of the raw intellectual materials, properly prepared, and served to the mind as the whole. This is dually defined as Intelligence | Learning.

The Sword: The analytical faculty applied to the raw materials defined in shape and form, and a reconstitution of the pieces to examine the interconnected virtues. This is simply defined as the Reasoning.

The Cup: The amalgamation of the raw materials in such a way that the many components may be consumed, and the result yielded is the same – yet further refined, leading to continued health and growth. This is defined as Understanding.

It is important to the Practicus to constantly fill the Cup and consume the contents, and this is both a necessity (as discussed above) and a celebration, which is made as a daily feast. Therefore, the Cup is raised with the toast: “Bear up the Cup of Libation!” If the contents are consumed with anything less, the wine turns to vinegar, the Magician becomes a Scholar. The applied science must ever be infused with the spirit, else any perceived truth is but a reflection of the source. If the building of the system becomes more important than its fundamental purpose, the Practicus has lost his or her way. It is at this critical junction that the work should be completely abandoned and the Eucharist again consumed daily. Also, any suitable physical practices are undertaken until such time as equilibrium has been regained.

The ceremonial construction and consecration of the Cup is formed and performed with whatever skill is currently possessed by the Practicus, and following the instructions in Liber CDXII. However, some suggested guidance is now included for consideration, but may be disregarded in favor of other methods.

Let the practical construction be focused that suitable energies from the Practicus, greatly affected by the state of mind, be infused into the Cup.

Let the Temple be arranged that the Cup, although accompanied by other tools, is the central focus.

Let the method of construction be reflected in the ceremony. Every action necessary to complete the Cup is symbolically represented.

Let a ‘Number to represent the Universe’ be devised or derived, engraved upon the Cup, and this becoming the first drop of wine poured into and drunk.

Let a method of charging be included in the ceremony, and let it be compatible with the method used in the construction.

Let the ceremony be finished with the wrapping of the Cup in an azure blue silk covering and placed within the Altar for three days and nights, and let the thoughts of the Practicus constantly wander back to the Cup, yet resisting the urge to unwrap it until the three days have elapsed.