Zelator Grade Dagger

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The Sword is symbolically constructed (this is not to say that the Magician does not need a material sword, but in the grade of Zelator the ideals of the sword are attained. The Dagger is the tool constructed) within the Magician as the analytical faculty, being an attainment to a certain level of mental control, also called the reasoning, which slowly unshatters the mirror providing a clear reflection. Put another way, the complex nature of ‘things’ is ordered to its most simplistic, producing clarity. This attainment is achieved as the tasks of the Zelator grade are accomplished.

Although the Sword is compatible and complimentary to the element of air, its finer attribution is elsewhere. The same is true for the Dagger, which is properly attributed to the element of air, but is also part of an altogether different formula as was clearly seen in the ritual Liber Pyramidos.

It is important to the Zelator to comprehend the nature of the Sword (Liber IV, Part 2) as the means to dispel the absolute certainty inherent to the hereto-developed intellectual competence and the illusion of any real understanding acquired from the construction and symmetry of the magical alphabet. This can be clarified by recognizing the Pantacle as the artifact of the intellectual ‘the earthly food’ being ‘cut into pieces’ by the Sword and consumed by the Magician. The ‘thrusting into’ the Cup is the understanding that results. Equally important is the construction of the Dagger that the path to the next grade may be opened, being the thrusting of the Dagger into the Cup, and this resulting in the completion of the bridge between reasoning and understanding.

The ceremonial construction and consecration of the Dagger is formed and performed with whatever skill is currently possessed by the Zelator, and following the instructions in Liber CDXII. However, some suggested guidance is now included for consideration, but may be disregarded in favor of other methods.

Let the practical construction be focused that suitable energies from the Zelator, this greatly affected by the state of mind, be infused into the Dagger.

Let the Temple be arranged that the Dagger, although accompanied by other tools, is the central focus.

Let the method of construction be reflected in the ceremony. Every action necessary to complete the Dagger is symbolically represented.

Let the ‘Word to represent the Universe’ be devised or derived from the chosen chapter of Liber CCXX being memorized.

Let a method of charging be included in the ceremony, and let it be compatible with the method used in the construction.

Let the ceremony be finished with the wrapping of the Dagger in the golden yellow silk covering and placed within the Altar for three days and nights, and let the thoughts of the Zelator constantly wander back to the Dagger, yet resisting the urge to unwrap it until the three days have elapsed.